Caroline O’Neill

Certified Practitioner since 2012

I came to HypnoBirthing  a few months before my 1st daughter was born on recommendation from my midwife.  I knew I wanted to have an unmedicated birth but that is where my knowledge ended.  I had no idea how I could achieve this amazing experience I fantasized about and knew I couldn’t just do it on a whim.  After completing the 5 week course I knew this was a life changing experience for me.  Not only did it open my eyes to the beauty of a peaceful and calm birth but so much that I knew I wanted to share this information with other parents-to-be.

The knowledge my husband and I gained from HypnoBirthing was absolutely invaluable during my 4 births.  It not only gave me a positive mindset that I could do this but tools and techniques to achieve it.  I was part of every decision along the way and felt like I had conquered the world.  

Knowledge is great, but Preparation is Power!   


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