How did HypnoBirthing help?


Testimonials below:

  • Will we actually use this?
  • Second Time Mom
  • Is This Too “Crunchy” for Us?
  • Dad’s Perspective
  • She Didn’t Think She Could, But She Did!
  • I Choose an Epidural With No Regrets
  • Even when things Don't Go as Planned


Will We Actually Use This?

When researching birthing approaches HypnoBirthing appealed to me because it was empowering, focused on trusting your body, and actively involved a birthing partner. That said, both my husband and I were a bit skeptical about whether this was actually going to be the approach we used or if it would simply give us some tools to help have a more positive experience as part of a conventional birth. When we started, the plan was to birth at the hospital and we did not have a vision for how this would fit into that.  Thanks to Caroline's guidance through the class we walked away with a clear understanding on what we wanted and how we could do our best to create an environment to get there.

The atmosphere of the class was welcoming. The personalized approach and small classroom size allowed for trusted relationship building, both among the prospective parents and the instructor. It helped to walk through what is involved in birthing and the HypnoBirthing approach. This translated to increased confidence and practical application during our birth experience.

Because of the experience and sessions it made the labor and birth feel familiar, rather than scary, this then empowered us to advocate for the experience we wanted. On a very practical level, I listened to the rainbow relaxation and birth affirmations  my labor. This helped to keep me focused and relaxed. My partner knew what I needed to stay in this calm state and did an amazing job keeping the lights low and the environment in the hospital peaceful. This is directly due to the conversations we had in Caroline's class.  

Thanks to the class and Caroline's expertise I felt capable of shaping my birth experience into a positive one for me, my partner and our new baby. Caroline has a calming presence, is open to questions and questioning, and ultimately supported us as a couple to identify a birthing plan that worked for us and brought us closer as a couple.  The session that she spent with us after the birth was not only extremely helpful to us as new parents but also demonstrated her holistic understanding of the birthing and new parent process. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone thinking about using HypnoBirthing and hope to return to her for a refresher course with our next little one!   -Tara and Matt


Second Time Mom

I knew before I had my first child that I wanted to have an unmedicated birth but I was filled with fear and uncertainty.  I tried to prepare the best that I could on my own through reading books and watching videos. Unfortunately, when the time came to give birth, I was not as prepared as I could have been and I received several interventions and medications that I had hoped to avoid.  I had happy and healthy baby boy, which is by far the most important thing. 

Still, I knew that I was capable of an unmedicated birth and that it was important to me. I resolved myself that I would become more prepared for my second birth.  Luckily, during that time I met Caroline and I loved hearing how passionate she was about hypnobirthing.  When I became pregnant with my second son, my husband and I were thrilled to be able to take Caroline's class in order to prepare for the type of birth that we wanted.  Even though I had already given birth once, I was amazed at how much I learned from the class. It was definitely far more then just basic childbirth education.  Caroline really makes you feel relaxed and at ease and helps you learn to re-program your mind to see birth as a natural and normal process that does not need to be feared. 

My second birth was everything that I had hoped for my first to be, I felt so prepared, in control and completely without fear.  The delivery was quick and uncomplicated with a very easy recovery and I truly believe that my hypnobirthing preparation had a big role in that.  My husband can be a bit of a skeptic but he too was blown away by how much better our birth experience was the second time around.  I highly recommend Caroline's class to any mom, even if it's not your first!LK


Is This Too “Crunchy” for Us?

I started my pregnancy uninformed about labor and delivery aside from anecdotes about how scary and painful it can be. What I appreciate about the HypnoBirthing philosophy is how it normalizes the birth process and gives you and your partner the tools to approach labor and delivery as a natural, exciting event. Caroline is clearly very passionate about the subject. As a teacher she is thoughtful and knowledgeable, sharing insight from her pregnancies and children’s births but also taking plenty of time for your questions and concerns. She works to make the classes a holistic experience, covering everything from the physical aspects of pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period to guiding meditations for letting go of fears and anxieties.

I admit that at first my husband and I were a little nervous that we would be uncomfortable or that the method would be too “crunchy” for us, but watching clips of births and talking through what to expect really demystified the process and made us more comfortable. The HypnoBirthing breathing and visualization techniques that are the basis of the method are practical and rooted in mindfulness, not touchy-feely. We ended up really looking forward to the classes as a dedicated time to focus solely on preparing for our baby’s arrival. Practicing the breathing and listening to the relaxation scripts and affirmations in the months leading up to my son’s birth gave me such peace of mind, and I absolutely relied on them to get me through my long labor and delivery.  The midwives and nurses often commented on how calm we were. I’m grateful to Caroline for teaching us, and I still use the techniques I learned on a daily basis.   – Alissa


Dad’s Perspective

Like so many fathers-to-be, I wanted to be engaged in and supportive of the birth process, but struggled to understand the best way to approach my role in the experience. I thought we'd take a few of the generic hospital preparatory classes and then show up on "the day" for the doctors and nurses to work their magic. I was also a bit apprehensive (and naive) about my wife's decision to pursue a natural birth as I assumed this introduced some unnecessary challenges and pain.

Enter Caroline and HypnoBirthing...I came away from our sessions with new knowledge and a level of confidence that was indispensable during our son's birth - not only understanding the more "technical" components of the process, but having a repertoire of techniques to address a variety of scenarios during the birthing experience.

Caroline's expertise is holistic and pragmatic, and her personal experiences and compassion make for a very comfortable learning environment. Most importantly, Caroline brings a tremendous passion for the HypnoBirthing philosophy and for helping helping Moms and Dads navigate all the information out there. In the end, I had a completely different perspective on the potential of a natural birth and how much control we had over the process, even in a more traditional hospital setting.  -- Jason


She Didn’t Think She Could, But She Did!

We heard about Caroline's HypnoBirthing class a 6 weeks before our son's birth and it helped us prepare.  Ideally the course is taken more in advance, but Caroline was flexible and worked with our quick timeline.  My husband really wanted me to have a natural birth and I didn't.  I thought having an epidural was natural!  After many conversations I thought I could be open to it, but needed to educate myself first.  That's when we heard about Caroline's class and the HypnoBirthing relaxation techniques.  

We had already taken the hospital class, but left feeling unprepared. I liked the idea of one on one and a more intimate coaching environment with Caroline.  It allowed for my husband and I to bond as we shared our fears regarding labor and being parents and for us to learn more about the birth process and how a woman's body was created.  There are so many negative birthing stories, but while taking the classes I felt empowered to have a positive birth experience.  And we sure did!  Once my contractions started, our son was born 6 hours later and I was able to do it drug free.

 I credit our classes with Caroline in convincing me that I could do it (as well as having an amazing supportive husband).  Caroline also did not judge you if your birth experience was not going to be natural, as many times during the classes I expressed I may need an epidural.  The course provides many techniques and we choose the ones that spoke most to us.  At the hospital, we listened to the birth affirmation CD Caroline had provided during the class and asked the hospital staff to follow our birth plan we had written during our sessions with Caroline.  We credit the course with preparing us for what to expect, questions to ask our doctor and feeling that I could do it!  It is such a gift to fully experience the birth of your child.  I highly recommend Caroline's HypnoBirthing classes to every pregnant woman! -Allison


I Choose an Epidural With No Regrets

While some moms may think they should only take this class before their first baby, or only if you want a natural birth, I'm here to tell you not necessarily to both! This class was invaluable when preparing for my second birth. The breathing techniques and knowledge gained were so helpful in the delivery. Without this class, I would have had a completely different birth experience. I felt in control, calm and confident as I birthed my baby. Going into the delivery, I had hoped for an unmedicated birth, but later opted for an epidural. This was the right choice for me and I have no regrets. Caroline is a gift to all who have the opportunity to take her class. Don't hesitate to sign up whether it's your first baby or last. There's so much we can all gain from this course! -Lucy


Even when things Don't Go as Planned

This class provided my husband and I with the skills and mindset to confidently deal with all of the nuances of childbirth. My labor and birth experience were different than what we expected. For me however, dealing with the unexpected, in addition to being prepared for natural childbirth was the real benefit of this class.

Caroline thoughtfully provided us a range of information and skill sets that made this possible. This included talking to us about what a hospital stay would look like and possible labor scenarios. She skillfully taught us relaxation techniques and how to communicate with healthcare providers. Caroline also did a wonderful job including my husband in this learning process and teaching us how we could work as a team to accomplish our goals. Applying these skills during labor allowed us to feel in control and comfortable throughout labor and delivery. For these reasons, the hypnobirthing class allowed us to experience an “ideal birth”.

We recognized that the desire for a good birth was important to us because it would be our first act as new parents. It would symbolize starting out on the right foot. The preparation we received though Caroline’s class allowed us to accomplish this. We are not only content with how we managed our birthing experience, we now enter parenthood with the confidence that we can work as a team and that together, we will make decisions that are in the best interest of our child. -Ashley and Greg